Employee Spotlight

Sculptor Celebrates International Women's Day 2023

March 8, 2023  - Today we celebrate women who have persevered through challenges, worked towards an inclusive world, and continue to create opportunities for future generations.  #EmbraceEquity #InternationalWomensDay

Real Estate

Real Estate Platform

Nicholas Hecker, Chief Investment Officer of Sculptor's Real Estate business discusses investing in non-traditional real estate. 

Real Estate

Market Insights - Real Estate

Nicole Sermier, Sculptor's Head of Residential Real Estate, discusses opportunities in today's ever-evolving real estate markets. 


Market Insights - Credit Investment Themes

Jimmy Levin, Sculptor CIO & CEO, discusses notable investment themes in credit markets and the advantages in today's environment of having an unconstrainted and flexible investment approach. 


Market Insights - Credit Environment

Jimmy Levin, Sculptor CIO & CEO, discusses the firm's views on current credit markets.

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