Investment Approach

Our global platform has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to invest in non-traditional and traditional asset classes across the capital structure.

Over the course of our nearly 20-year history we have developed a differentiated platform led by a long-tenured team that continuously strives to uncover opportunities others have overlooked with a particular edge in non-traditional asset classes.


$8.1 Billion Total commitments

“Investing in non-traditional assets for nearly 20 years with an investment team that shares one common attribute - intellectual curiosity.”

Nicholas Hecker, Chief Investment Officer of Sculptor Real Estate

Platform Foundations

Broad sector diversification

We target investments in less correlated sectors with stabilized income and durable fundamentals across a broad spectrum of asset classes.

70%+ Invested in non-traditional asset classes

Agnostic across the capital structure

Our real estate team has the freedom to cast a wide net in pursuit of higher risk-adjusted returns across the capital structure.

$23.1 billion Total enterprise value

Focus on cash flow

Our emphasis on current income and minimal use of leverage significantly enhances the quality of an investment's returns while reducing risk.

Target >50% Returns from current cash flow

An experienced, long-tenured team

Our senior investment team has worked together for an average of 17 years building an investment platform that has continually innovated to develop differentiated investment themes across real estate sectors.

18 Years Tenure of senior investment professionals

Growth through diversification

We have methodically and systematically expanded into new non-traditional asset classes throughout the growth of our business.

30 Real estate asset classes

All figures are as December 31, 2023. *These figures are estimated and unaudited amounts. Please see our latest 10-Q/10-K and earnings press release for further description of our assets under management.

Three Integrated Strategies

With our broad experience and flexible approach, we are able to target opportunities across geographies and asset classes through three primary strategies.

Situationally opportunistic approach to identifying the most attractive equity-oriented investments across all aspects of the real estate market.

Basis-protected financing with a strong emphasis on preservation of capital, downside protection and current income. 

Investments in stabilized tax-efficient, income-generating real estate with a focus on longer-term holding periods.

Sculptor Real Estate Historic Allocations



Hotel 9%
Multifamily 4%
Industrial 3%
Office 3%
Retail 2%
Gaming 16%
Resort 7%
Residential 7%
Senior Housing 6%
Cell Towers 5%
Condominium 5%
Car Wash 5%
Specialty Housing 4%
Parking 3%
Cold Storage 3%
Affordable Housing 2%
Ski Resort 2%
Studios 2%
Golf 2%
Attractions 2%
Convenience Stores and Gas Stations 2%
Life Sciences 1%
Land Entitlement 1%
Healthcare 1%
Stadium / Exhibition 1%
Student Housing 1%
Marina 1%
Manufactured Housing 0%
RV Campgrounds 0%
Agriculture 0%

This information is presented as of December 31, 2023 and is being provided for illustrative purposes only. There can be no assurance that Sculptor Real Estate will be able to identify or acquire investments in any particular asset classes or in any particular concentration or ratio. Actual allocation of assets may vary significantly from the Sculptor Real Estate historical allocations presented, and will depend on Sculptor Real Estate's evaluation of available investment opportunities. Historical allocations are subject to rounding.

  • Hotel
  • Multifamily
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Resort
  • Residential
  • Senior Housing
  • Cell Towers
  • Condominium
  • Car Wash
  • Specialty Housing
  • Parking
  • Cold Storage
  • Affordable Housing
  • Ski Resort
  • Studios
  • Golf
  • Attractions
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
  • Life Sciences
  • Land Entitlement
  • Healthcare
  • Stadium / Exhibition
  • Student Housing
  • Marina
  • Manufactured Housing
  • RV Campgrounds
  • Agriculture

Portfolio Examples

With nearly 20 years of investing in non-traditional asset classes, we have consistently found attractive opportunities that are less correlated to the broader economy. Our extensive experience has positioned our platform to continually capitalize on new asset classes within non-traditional real estate.

Communications Infrastructure

We acquired a portfolio of wireless infrastructure assets, primarily comprised of ground underneath towers and rooftops on which wireless carriers locate their equipment.  

We believe this portfolio has the opportunity to capitalize on strong fundamentals within this sector as more robust network capacity requirements and new network technology drive incremental carrier investment.

European Leisure

We have partnered with Gravity, a leading active entertainment company based in the United Kingdom, through a senior loan with equity upside to finance their growth and expansion plans.

The company is well placed in the fast-growing niche segment for active, social, and experiential leisure, benefiting from a multi-decade shift in spending towards ‘tech-enabled’ modern leisure. While the United States has a relatively mature experiential leisure sector, the United Kingdom remains nascent and well positioned for further growth.

Residential Development

We partnered with a well-established and experienced real estate acquisition and development firm to complete the horizontal lot development of six residential development projects in the southeast. Through our long-standing partnership, Sculptor has continued to offer high quality homes to homeowners for over 15 years.


Cold Storage Platform

Over the last few years, we have continued to invest and acquire regional cold-storage businesses and operators throughout the United States as cold storage performance has remained resilient through economic cycles due to the consistent demand for food supply throughout the United States.

Applying our expertise, we have navigated an industry which is highly fragmented, lacks new supply, has high barriers to entry, and needs to be managed by specialized operators, resulting in a less efficient market for cold storage assets.

Single-Family Home

We acquired a majority interest in a large institutional quality owner that provides accessible and purposely designed single-family homes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Together, with our partnership, the company has been able to grow its portfolio substantially through accretive home acquisitions helping to accelerate the growth of the company and its offerings to the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) community.

Native American Gaming

Over the last 15 years we have partnered with Native American tribes to help finance their expansion and growth. In 2021, Sculptor provided financing to a Native American tribe towards the development of a drive-to casino near Sacramento, California. This development will provide employment opportunities to residents and tribal members.