Investment Approach

Our opportunistic approach to credit investing is designed to systematically seek out inefficiencies across the spectrum of the credit market.

“We seek out high conviction ideas with lower sensitivity to market direction.”

Brett Klein
Global Head of Corporate Credit

Video Poster of Brett Klein

Credit Platform Foundations

A uniquely flexible mandate

Our flexible platform allows us to pivot and take advantage of the most attractive opportunities in the credit markets at any given time, from a dislocated investment grade bond to the complex restructuring of a multi-jurisdictional company.

One platform Approach built over 30 years of credit investing

Scale and global reach to pursue investments

Our scale has enabled us to build an engine that can pursue investments across nearly every area of the credit investment landscape across the globe.

$200 billion Total capital deployed in credit investments over the last 15 years

Deep and experienced expertise

Long tenured credit investment professionals that foster a culture of collaboration and intellectual honesty across market cycles.

22 Years Average investment experience of senior credit professionals

Three Integrated Strategies

The combination of experience, scale and an opportunistic strategy allows us to target a wide universe of asset classes and investments, across three primary strategies.

Our opportunistic credit platform seeks to capture value irrespective of the prevailing market environment across three distinct sources of excess return: Mispriced Yield, Process Driven Situations, and Dislocated Quality Spread. With the flexibility to source the most compelling opportunities across all areas of the credit market and liquidity spectrum, we conduct extensive fundamental due diligence with an emphasis on limiting downside risk.

Our private credit platform provides customized capital solutions to borrowers across the capital structure. We seek to actively work with our borrowers throughout the investment lifecycle to drive successful outcomes.

Through a research-driven, bottom-up investment process, with a focus on downside protection, we invest in performing credit, including leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, private credit/bespoke financings, and investment grade credit through Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), structured, and customized solutions.

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