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  • Graduate

    University of Michigan

  • Undergrad

    Arizona State University

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  • Office

    New York

The leaders on my team embrace and encourage creative solutions and unconventional approaches to accomplishing the task at hand—if there’s a better way to do something, or the possibility to solve a problem in a new way, they’re open minded and amenable to changing existing processes.

Q: What made you want to work here?

From the moment I left the building during the first leg of my interview process I knew that the firm would be the right fit for me—that I’d be pushed and challenged to grow, which is exciting for any young professional embarking upon the next step in their career.

Q: Has anything surprised you since you started working at the firm?

The most surprising aspect about my time at Sculptor has been Management’s receptiveness to rethinking existing processes. Leaders in my functional area welcome challenges to the efficiency and effectiveness in the way certain tasks are accomplished and have demonstrated their openness by acting on proposed changes to improve the way business in conducted.

Q: Can you talk about the exposure you have across the firm?

I’m fortunate enough to work alongside a number of exceptional professionals, inside and outside of the organization in connection with my role at Sculptor. This includes Controllers of the Public Company, internal Legal Counsel, leaders in the Finance Function, Controllers of the various investments funds managed by the Company, Investor Relations, and even our external auditors and other services providers. Likewise, I’m involved with Sculptor’s LGBTQ and Hispanic and Latino affinity networks, which are components of the Firm’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Through these networks I’ve had the opportunity to network and work alongside individuals, cross-functionally.