Photo of Elise
  • Undergrad

    University of Michigan

  • Team

    Corporate Strategy

  • Office

    New York

Sculptor is filled with focused employees who really care and are passionate about what they do. It is a culture of success.

Q: What made you want to work here?

Sculptor was a client of mine at my previous job and I knew how well the firm was managed and the innovation of the teams based on that experience. I wanted to be a part of a firm where people are ahead of the curve and constantly innovating, no matter what position they sit in.

Q: Has anything surprised you since you started working at the firm?

I am surprised by how greatly my position has changed as opportunities to take on new roles and challenges arise. I initially started doing one function and now I work across five. It has been an amazing chance to learn and expand my skill set.

Q: Do you see yourself building a career at Sculptor?

I think Sculptor is a great place to grow a career. I am surrounded by individuals who continue to push me to grow in my abilities and expand my responsibilities.  There is also a large focus on taking care of and rewarding employees.