An Opportunity to Work with Some of the Sharpest Minds

We seek talented candidates with diverse perspectives. There are many avenues to build your career at Sculptor Capital — as an investment professional, a professional in our global infrastructure group or in investor relations.

Our investment professionals pursue a diverse range of investment strategies. Our global infrastructure professionals play a vital role in ensuring the stability and growth of the Firm. Our investor relations professionals build and maintain relationships with our clients.

Investment Professionals
Global Infrastructure Group
Investor Relations
Investment Professionals
  • Convertible and Derivative Arbitrage
  • Credit
  • Equities
  • Portfolio Risk and Construction
  • Real Estate
Global Infrastructure Group
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Global Controllers Group
  • Human Capital
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Tax
  • Treasury
Investor Relations
Investment Professionals
Investment Professionals

Our investment professionals in the U.S., Europe and Asia work collaboratively to identify and structure attractive investments across strategies, asset classes and regions.

Convertible and Derivative Arbitrage

Sculptor Capital's Convertible & Derivative Arbitrage team seeks to find opportunities in convertible securities and other derivative products, such as options and warrants, with a primary focus on trading volatility and optionality in equity-based products as well as FX and commodities. Through a combination of fundamental and statistical analysis, as well as leveraging Sculptor Capital’s global platform of investment professionals, the team screens the investment universe for ideas that seek to identify arbitrage opportunities and implements them through largely market neutral strategies.

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Sculptor Capital’s credit investment capabilities span a broad and deep spectrum including performing and distressed corporate credit investing and structured credit products. The credit group has developed a disciplined, rigorous approach to identify, source and exploit mispriced assets in the global credit markets. The Firm’s credit strategies are based on extensive research, due diligence and fundamental analysis into credits, companies and industries, as well as underlying assets and capital structures. The credit group is also keen on active portfolio management, which is built upon an in-depth understanding of shifting fundamentals.


  • Opportunistic Credit: seeks to generate strong risk-adjusted returns by capturing value in mispriced investments across disrupted, dislocated and distressed situations via corporate and structured credit investments in the U.S., Europe and Asia
  • Institutional Credit Strategies: focuses on the Firm’s performing credit investing capabilities via collateralized loan obligations, an institutional income fund and customized solutions
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Sculptor Capital's Equities team focuses on seeking to identify investments with favorably skewed pay-off profiles in the form of long ideas, short ideas or relative value/arbitrage ideas across event-driven investing and merger arbitrage opportunities. The team evaluates situations from multiple angles and multiple disciplines with investment professionals based in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Sector-oriented fundamental analysts work in close collaboration with internal specialists in corporate actions, such as mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and exchange offers.


  • Long/Short Equity Special Situations: focuses on bottom-up, idiosyncratic situations with a bias toward those with defined catalysts, events or other elements of corporate change and complexity
  • Merger Arbitrage: utilizes a selective approach dedicated to investing in situations in which the Firm maintains a differentiated view of the outcomes in merger-related situations
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Portfolio Risk and Construction

Sculptor Capital's products and portfolios are supported by investment professionals dedicated to developing and refining systems and processes designed to increase portfolio efficiency, sensitize portfolios for market volatility and optimize liquidity.


  • Portfolio Finance: facilitates and optimizes asset financing across the Firm's global strategies by analyzing securities finance data and employing specialized trading strategies
  • Risk Management: manages, measures and monitors market, credit, counterparty, liquidity and currency risks across many of the Firm's portfolios. The Risk Management team combines expertise in finance and technology in order to form a view informed by markets, sophisticated tools and quantitative data analytics
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Real Estate

Sculptor Real Estate invests in both opportunistic real estate private equity and real estate credit in the U.S. and Europe. With the help of the Firm’s extensive network of relationships, Sculptor Real Estate focuses on fundamental analysis and due diligence to identify and invest in both traditional and niche asset classes. As active investors supported by dedicated internal asset management professionals, the Sculptor Real Estate team maintains a strong focus on monetization once an asset has achieved its business plan.


  • Acquisitions: sources, conducts diligence, analyzes and ultimately purchases investments for the Firm's real estate portfolios
  • Asset Management: oversees assets within the Firm's portfolios to ensure that they are managed effectively and efficiently with the objective of maximizing return
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Global Infrastructure Group
Global Infrastructure Group

The Firm has a world-class institutional infrastructure within the Global Infrastructure Group that facilitates, supports and enhances the Firm's investing capabilities, acting as a partner with Investment Professionals and Investor Relations.


Sculptor Capital’s Compliance department establishes and enforces the Firm’s compliance policies supporting investment and trading activities. The group manages the day-to-day compliance obligations of an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission while focusing on continually enhancing the Firm’s compliance program and supporting the Firm as the industry and regulations change.

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Corporate Strategy

Sculptor Capital’s Corporate Strategy group is responsible for the evaluation, creation, implementation, communication and management of the Firm’s global strategic initiatives, including new product development and brand management. The group is composed of the Business Development, Corporate Communications and Public Markets Investor Relations teams, which work collaboratively to define and execute a consistent strategy and message.


  • Business Development: seeks to analyze new product initiatives and identify growth opportunities across regions, strategies and asset classes
  • Corporate Communications: helps develop the Firm’s corporate initiatives and market outlook and ensures that messaging is consistently communicated internally and externally
  • Public Markets Investor Relations: manages the Firm’s relationships with our public equity shareholders (NYSE: SCU) and public debt investors
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Global Controllers Group

The Global Controllers Group is responsible for accounting and financial reporting for Sculptor Capital, a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (SCU), as well as the private investment funds it manages. The group collaborates with other areas of the Firm on strategic initiatives, new product implementation and operational streamlining.


  • Financial Reporting: is responsible for preparing annual and quarterly financial information for submission to various regulators (e.g., U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, overseas regulators), preparing annual audited fund financial statements provided to Sculptor Capital’s fund investors, preparing appropriate documentation, managing the audit process and various other ad hoc reporting needs
  • Financial Accounting: is responsible for monthly corporate accounting close (revenues, compensation, overhead), calculating net asset values for the funds, analyzing funds and Firm-wide P&L, allocating profits across fund vehicles, deal execution support, initiating capital calls and distributions for the funds, accounts payable and fee collections
  • Valuations Control: is responsible for independently verifying the valuation of fund investments and preparing executive-level reporting for an internal valuation committee to assist in its oversight
  • Accounting Policy: is responsible for analyzing new structures and accounting issues for potential accounting and disclosure implications
  • Financial Planning and Analysis (“FP&A”): is responsible for forecasts, budgets and other financial information used to make strategic and operating decisions for the Firm
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Human Capital

Sculptor Capital’s Human Capital team is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the Firm's global workforce. In order to deliver the best products to the Firm's clients, the Human Capital team seeks to maximize the potential of the Firm's greatest asset — its employees. Human Capital is dedicated to providing the resources and support for individuals to thrive in their careers, while also fostering an inclusive and collaborative culture where employees are encouraged to develop together as one Firm.

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Information Technology

Sculptor Capital’s Information Technology group is responsible for designing, implementing and supporting all of the Firm’s technology needs. In order to successfully meet these responsibilities, the Information Technology group is organized into three main functional areas: Application Development, Technology Infrastructure & Operations and Business & Data Architecture.


  • Application Development: provides business-facing application solutions by either developing in-house built applications or integrating third-party vendor solutions
  • Infrastructure: creates and supports all aspects of the Firm’s core technical infrastructure (networks, data centers, database/server/email management, help desk, etc)
  • Business & Data Architecture: ensures consistent and highly effective business and data flows across business applications architecture
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Internal Audit

Sculptor Capital's Internal Audit team is an independent and objective assurance and consulting function designed to add value and improve the Firm's controls by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Internal Audit acts as a control, which functions by examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of other accounting, compliance, operational and technology controls and processes.

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Sculptor Capital's Legal group provides legal counsel and support to all areas of the Firm's diversified platform of strategies and products, as well as the publicly traded entity. The Legal group acts as a strategic partner with various teams across the Firm to support the Firm’s objectives, and works with the Compliance department to preserve the legal and ethical integrity of the Firm.

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Sculptor Capital’s Operations group is responsible for directing, prioritizing and allocating resources to meet the Firm’s portfolio management, trading and investor servicing needs. Operations ensures that our business runs smoothly by maintaining a control environment that safeguards clients' assets.


  • Trade Operations: provides trade and OTC derivative clearing, settlement, and break resolution support for all global trading desks
  • Fund Operations: completes counterparty reconciliations; dividend, interest, corporate action and reorganization processing; security master maintenance; portfolio pricing and daily P&L reporting
  • Treasury Operations: monitors counterparty margin calls and collateral balances; provides Firm-wide fund liquidity and reporting on counterparty and foreign exchange exposures; and ensures all cash and position movements are processed in a controlled manner
  • Credit Operations: provides trade, lifecycle and break resolution support for the Firm’s complex public and private global credit platform
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Sculptor Capital's Tax group is responsible for the Firm’s tax reporting and tax advisory work. As a strategic partner to all groups throughout the Firm, the Tax group provides tax advice and counsel across strategies and products. In addition, the Tax group ensures that the Firm is in compliance with tax filing and tax compliance requirements in all relevant jurisdictions. The Tax group collaborates with other areas of the Firm on strategic initiatives, new product development and product implementation.

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Sculptor Capital’s Treasury team has oversight of liquidity, funding, cash and collateral management, as well as the monitoring and hedging (as needed) of interest rate, foreign exchange and counterparty exposures across the Firm’s funds and the public entity. In order to accomplish its objectives, the team coordinates with investment professionals on the trading and investing side of the business, as well as various Global Infrastructure teams, including Operations, Legal and Accounting.

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Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Sculptor Capital's global Investor Relations group is responsible for managing the Firm’s client relationships. The group is comprised of Relationship and Client Development, Product Management and Investor Operations teams, which work collaboratively to provide the Firm’s clients with a high-quality experience across product offerings.


  • Relationship and Client Development: is responsible for managing all aspects of the Firm’s global client relationships:
    • Institutional Team: focuses on maintaining and developing relationships with institutional investors, including pensions, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies.
    • Wealth Management Team: focuses on maintaining and developing relationships with private banks and wealth managers.
    • Investment Consultant Team: focuses on maintaining and developing investment consultant relationships.
  • Product Management: acts as the link between investment teams and client relationship managers, providing market and portfolio knowledge to effectively communicate with clients.
  • Investor Operations: works closely with relationship managers to develop high quality investor transparency and reporting.
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Important Information and Disclosures

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