Global Expertise Across Credit Strategies

Sculptor’s credit platform comprises three integrated pillars: Opportunistic Credit, Institutional Credit Strategies (ICS) and Private Credit. In Opportunistic Credit, we invest in complex situations across global corporate and structured credit markets, including liquidations and restructurings. Institutional Credit Strategies is our performing credit platform through which we issue and manage portfolios of loans and other assets. Private Credit provides direct financing to borrowers.

Sculptor Capital Credit Strategies

Credit Strategies Schematic

$22.2 billion

Assets under management in Sculptor Capital's dedicated credit products as of May 1, 2023 1

1 This figure is an estimated and unaudited amount. Please see our latest 10-Q/10-K and earnings press release for further description of our assets under management.

Opportunistic Credit

Opportunistic Credit seeks to generate strong risk-adjusted returns by capturing value in mispriced investments across disrupted, dislocated and distressed situations. Our Opportunistic Credit team conducts extensive fundamental diligence to underwrite collateral, assess downside risks and identify catalysts. In many cases, we actively seek to engage in enforcing creditor rights and other legal strategies to drive value creation.

Credit Leadership

Jimmy Levin

Chief Investment Officer & Chief Executive Officer

Brett Klein

Global Head of Corporate Credit

Udai Bishnoi

Global Head of Structured Credit

Josh Eisenberger

Head of U.S. CLO Management

Adeel Shafiqullah

Head of European CLO Management

Dylan Szymanski

Head of Europe and Asia Corporate Credit

Our Approach

We operate a highly opportunistic approach to corporate credit investing which ranges from from buying “cheap” securities to event-driven opportunities that focus on complex distressed liquidations, restructurings and bankruptcies.  Our aim is to surface high conviction, best ideas with idiosyncratic return drivers that have less sensitivity to market direction.

Rigorous Analysis

Exercise deep and thorough fundamental analysis across sector, issuer, asset coverage, structure and all parts of a capital structure to understand valuation, downside scenarios and where value may be obscured by processes, complexity or market inefficiencies

Dynamic Allocation

Shift capital across U.S. and European structured, corporate and related credit markets to what we believe to be the most attractive investment opportunities

Proactive Value Creation

Defend creditor rights, direct liquidations, navigate restructuring processes and implement legal strategies designed to unlock and enhance value

Investment Characteristics:


Provide solutions/liquidity in complex, misunderstood and less followed situations


Identify catalysts that may drive changes in value

photo for Institutional Credit Strategies

Institutional Credit Strategies

Institutional Credit Strategies (ICS) invests in performing credit, including leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, private credit/bespoke financings and investment grade credit, serving clients via collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), commingled products and customized solutions. ICS implements a research-driven, bottom-up investment process with a focus on downside protection, optimization, superior credit selection and active portfolio management.

ICS Platform

The ICS platform manages approximately $16.3 billion in assets under management as of May 1, 2023. Assets include both CLOs and several aircraft securitization vehicles where Sculptor acts as collateral manager. 1

2011 $0.00
2012 $975.8 M
2013 $2.6 B
2014 $5.2 B
2015 $7.2 B
2016 $8.0 B
2017 $10.1 B
2018 $13.5 B
2019 $15.7 B
2020 $15.7 B
2021 $15.7 B
2022 $16.3 B
2023 (May-1) $16.3 B

Cumulative vehicles launched since the inception of ICS in May 2012

$16.3 billion

Assets under management in ICS as of May 1, 2023

1 This figure is an estimated and unaudited amount. Please see our latest 10-Q/10-K and earnings press release for further description of our assets under management.

Private Credit

Private Credit provides customized capital solutions to borrowers across the capital structure working in partnership to unlock value-creating opportunities. Our Private Credit team seeks to leverage the Firm’s platform to source and underwrite opportunities generating attractive risk adjusted returns. The investment strategy is based on extensive due-diligence and fundamental analysis on credit, industry, assets, structure and legal documentation to protect capital. We actively work with borrowers throughout the lifecycle of an investment to drive successful outcomes.

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