A Leading Alternative Asset Manager

Performance Driven & Collaborative Culture

Sculptor Capital is a global alternative asset manager providing a range of
products across Multi-Strategy, Credit, and Real Estate. Our investment model benefits from collaboration among our investment teams and brings to bear all of our diverse resources and perspectives. We have a proven track record of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Motivated & Aligned Leadership

Our team of tenured investment professionals across North America, Europe and Asia collaborate across disciplines, asset classes and geographies to quickly identify opportunities and navigate changing market conditions. We continually test ideas and re-underwrite our portfolios in pursuit of the strongest risk/reward opportunities.

The Firm is led by a seasoned and deep team of 32 Executive Managing Directors (EMDs).  Our 20 investment professional EMDs have worked together for an average of over 15 years.

Disciplined Focus on Core Competencies

Ensure firm resources and capital remain focused on investment capabilities where we have proven ability, high conviction and edge. We remain disciplined without losing our aptitude for innovation.

Opportunistic Investment Approach

Our distinct process gives us flexibility to source high conviction investments across asset classes and geographies. The portfolio is comprised of our best ideas across strategies without artificial constraints or biases.

True Partnership with our Clients

We build transparent, thoughtful and enduring partnerships that are grounded in a deep understanding of our client’s objectives and expectations through candid communication. Our goal is to deliver unique solutions where clients can leverage firmwide capabilities.

Global Presence

Fund Investors

The following chart presents the composition of our fund investor base by type across our funds:

Corporate Pension 7%
Foundation and Endowment 5%
Fund of Funds 4%
High Net Worth and Family Office 19%
Public Pension 39%
Sovereign Wealth and Corporates 26%
  • 7%
    Corporate Pension
  • 5%
    Foundation and Endowment
  • 4%
    Fund of Funds
  • 19%
    High Net Worth and Family Office
  • 39%
    Public Pension
  • 26%
    Sovereign Wealth and Corporates

Excluding investors in securitized vehicles.
As of January 1, 2023.