Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

“We must examine how our society has failed significant populations within our community and do what we can to try to make things better from here. We can direct our resources toward social justice and anti-discrimination efforts. The necessity to shape a more fair, just and inclusive society should not be a controversial, political or polarizing issue.”

- Jimmy Levin, CIO & CEO of Sculptor Capital

Diversity Initiatives

Sculptor Capital Management is strongly committed to cultivating, maintaining and benefitting from a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe that a breadth of backgrounds, experiences and knowledge is a competitive advantage and enhances the well-being and effectiveness of our staff. We strive for a diverse workforce as it supports our ability to provide superior service to our equally diverse client base. Our commitment to diversity is a key area of engagement with both current and prospective employees across training and development, affinity networks, charitable sponsorships, and active efforts to attract and retain talented individuals.

Company Events

Sculptor celebrates and supports ethnic and culturally diverse groups with periodic events throughout the year. For example, the firm recognized Pride month this year with a guest speaker program and Women’s History Month with a networking event.

Veterans at Sculptor

Sculptor supports men and women who have served their countries and promotes hiring of veterans.

Diverse Senior Leadership

The firm recognizes that having diverse senior talent in the organization has an impact across investing teams, business development and infrastructure groups.
Sculptor Celebrates Women's History Month

Affinity Networks

Sculptor offers employee Affinity groups to support all genders, ethnicities and groups of people with similar interests. These are open to all professionals, with the aim to promote stronger relationships amongst coworkers, share ideas on relevant topics, as well as raise firm-wide awareness of diverse groups at the firm. 

Specific groups include:
Women’s Affinity Network
LGBTQ Affinity Network
Asian Affinity Network
Black & African American Affinity Network
Hispanic & Latino Affinity Network


Sculptor targets a diverse candidate population through its recruiting efforts. We collaborate with collegiate diversity programs through workshops, informational sessions and job postings with a goal of building well-rounded pipeline of talent for our business management, infrastructure and investment functions. In particular, Sculptor Real Estate visits with university real estate clubs and women’s networks throughout the year, prior to its internship recruiting in the summer. We also participate in the University of Michigan’s “Trek on Wall Street,” which arranges visits, tours and engagement with key firms in prominent financial centers for selected female sophomores. These and other programs have introduced us to a number of highly qualified job candidates.

We also participate in recruiting networking events such as Women Impact Tech, in order to target experienced technology professionals.

Developing Women at Sculptor

Developing and advancing our female talent at Sculptor is a fundamental focus for the firm, from daily informal mentoring to leadership training and firm-wide events. Programs include panel discussions and networking events focused on career progression and relationship building.

Additionally, Sculptor supports external organizations dedicated to elevating women, such as 100 Women in Finance, and sponsors internal women’s career development through Declare.